Nice to meet you, I'm Eileen Choi-

Web Developer

I am a freelance web and software developer. What does that mean, exactly? It means I work for you, creating beautiful and interactive websites for your business. It also means I get to work with anyone who needs a developer. Start-ups, enterprise level organizations, businesses big and small. Anyone.

Let's talk about you.

After all, you poured your heart and soul into your business. The more I get to know, the better I can help craft the first impression you want to make.

Your brand is your business

What do you want to say about your business? I will not just be your expert, I will be your partner. Together, we will create the right message for your business to help you grow.

Let's talk dollars and cents.

Investing in your business only makes sense if you get a return. I'm here to help you understand the impact that your website makes with your clients and customers. After all, we're both in this to make money, not spend it.

Your happiness matters.

We are partners, until you don't want to be. If at any point you are unhappy, I will make sure to do what is necessary to turn that around! That's a promise.

You build your business. I build your first impression.

But who am I, you ask? I am a web and software developer currently based out of Cork, Ireland. I truly love problem-solving, which is something I get to do all the time as a developer. I have a background in advertising, SEO, branding and sales, which is important because it means I GET where you're coming from and where you're trying to go.

Now that you're ready to show the world what you're made of, let me create a website that's effective, impactful and most importently engaging enough to keep people coming back.

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Web Development

Fully responsive websites, cross-browser functionality, optimized to perform on any platform. Need more complex features? Not a problem, I can use Javascript, React and Jquery to make sure everything works and works well.

Web Design

Beautiful, intuitive designs for single or multi-page websites. Wordpress or outside designs are welcome. Have an idea in mind? Custom design services are also available.


Branding is about more than just your logo. Knowing your target audience is the first step to developing a strategy to suit your business. Social media management and SEO are key to ensuring your web presence effective.


Managing e-commerce is a must in today's fast moving markets. Setting up your site to handle your e-commerce needs is my specialty. Whether you take 5 online orders a day, or 500, I'll make sure your site can handle it.


screenshot of coursea site set in a mock laptop image

PSD Conversion for Coursea

Design was provided as PSD, with style guidelines. Already have a design in mind for your next website? Great! Pixel perfect design conversions are my speciality.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, Sass

Don't Feel Like Going to Work Today?

This web app is a great little way to get out of work...or waste time at work if you can't get out of it!

Powered by Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and Sass

screenshot of monopoly app in laptop
screenshot of meetups app in desktop graphic

For the World Travellers and Friend Makers

I love coding and I love travelling. A globetrotting life can be a bit lonely sometimes though, so it's important to make time to meet new friends! This Meetup & Eat app is perfect for checking out local Meetups anywhere in the world, and more importantly where the closest restaurants are!

Powered by React, Javascript, Axios, HTML5, Sass and CSS3

Collaboration with Yvonne Huynh and Barnabus Chun. Design and Style guide provided by Agency

Cloudy with a chance of sweater weather!

If you're like me, you always forget to check the temps every day-- who has time for that? This handy little app won't bother you with silly numbers like Farenheit or Celsius, it'll give you the important stuff! Let the Weather Wear app tell you what to wear...and what to bring for later!

Powered by Javascript, Firebase, HTML5, Sass and CSS3

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